Marketing & Technology

Technology has changed our world and today’s marketing strategies need to adapt to the current landscape. Never before has each generation been so connected, and by using the right tools and strategies, so easy to reach. As you’ll find below, Chris has embraced a technology-first approach that is supported by the timeless practice of print advertising in order to deliver comprehensive marketing campaigns that evoke emotion and create a connection with prospective buyers, time and again.

 “I believe there is no substitute for a well thought out, immersive and visually engaging marketing campaign. Combining newer mediums of digital and social media advertising, while still embracing the traditional methods of print advertising, gives my clients properties the exclusive exposure they deserve” – Chris Langlois

Advanced Social Media Advertising

In a connected world, social media and digital advertising have become the preferred method of creating meaningful relationships between buyers and real estate. When listing your home with Chris, you will receive more than the standard posts to his accounts. For each home, Chris creates a digital advertising plan using paid promotion over Instagram, Facebook and Google, among others, to reach thousands of potential buyers.

Curated Web Presence

Created in partnership with one of Vancouver’s top digital advertising firms, Chris’ website was created to showcase his clients properties and engage buyers. Utilizing highly sophisticated SEO and advanced advertising integration. Every listing is displayed with high definition and eye-catching photographs, cinematic video tours, floor plans and more. Formatted across desktop, tablets and hand-held devices, buyers can access a listings every detail, from anywhere in the world.

Cinematic HD video experiences

In today’s digital age, many buyers’ first exposure to a property is through their devices, allowing them to qualify a home before deciding whether to schedule an in person viewing. Creating an immersive cinematic experience to evoke emotion and connect a buyer with your property is a foundational element of Chris’ marketing philosophy.

Immersive Matterport VR Tour

Showcasing your home using the same technology as Google’s “Street View”, a Matterport VR Tour creates an opportunity like never before for buyers to interact with and explore your home in every detail, at anytime they please.

Professional Measurements and Detailed Floor Plans

Accurate measurements and detailed floor plans are a must when marketing today’s homes. When working with Chris, your home will have an onsite team take professional measurements and create a complete floor plan to help buyers better understand and relate to your home.

Professional Photography

Working with the very best Architectural Photographers Vancouver has to offer, Chris ensures his client’s properties are distinguished from the crowd. Achieving the right composition, angles, lighting and editing, are all critical elements to creating a truly engaging photograph and an impactful showcase that demands attention from buyers.

Magazine Quality Property Brochures

Chris understands the hard work each client puts into preparing their home to be in the spotlight. Ensuring this effort is property featured, Chris’ bespoke property brochures are elegantly designed to engage prospective buyers with a quality, tactile piece of marketing that they can take home, allowing them to re-engage with the feelings and emotions evoked from their showing.

Comprehensive Print Media Campaigns

With the prevalence of digital advertising these days, print media is often a plan of action that is overlooked when marketing a home. Chris views print media as a crucial promotional strategy for every listing and his marketing plan encompass a variety of mediums that include newspaper advertising, direct mail and property brochures.

HD Ariel Photography & Videography

Drone photography and videography are a cornerstone of creating a well-rounded marketing campaign. Capturing your home from different angles and showcasing the entire property from high above are the perfect complement to captivate a buyer’s imagination.

Accurate & Confidential Market Analysis

Prepared in advance of your initial private consultation, Chris will compile a comprehensive market analysis that will take into account your homes unique features and characteristics. Chris will then review the analysis with you and together, use it as a guide to craft a pricing strategy for your home that is tailored to your goals. Combining this approach with a well executed, rigorous marketing campaign and a detailed understanding of market conditions is what has allowed Chris to deliver results for his clients, time and again.

Open Houses, Private Tours & Events

Whether hosting an exclusive event, open house or providing a thoughtfully executed private tour, Chris ensures your home is presented in a polished and professional manner. Meticulous attention to detail is paid to ensure every aspect of your home is ready to allow for the perfect first impression to prospective buyers.

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